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Columbia, SC Wedding Photography

Columbia, SC Wedding Photographer

Wedding photographer in Charleston, SC
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Andrea Fabian

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Columbia Charleston SC Wedding Photographer

Hi everyone! My name is Andrea and I’m one of the Charleston based photographers for The Wedding Click.  


Your love story is unique and nothing would make me happier than being your storyteller through the eye of my lens.  My favorite aspect is seeing how you will incorporate timeless traditions into your day, but also how you will take the outline of a wedding and weave in your own traditions. It’s beautiful to see and a joy in which to participate.


My portfolio reflects all the special details that occur throughout the wedding day. I use a balanced and accommodating shooting style with techniques that incorporate flash where needed, and beautiful sun-flares of natural light.  I creatively capture all of the details that will reflect your  particular preferences, style and journey. 


Moments are fleeting but photographs are forever.  Let me capture them in ways that bring you back to that moment every time.

Andrea Portfolio

Andrea Fabian

about  -  portfolio  -  pricing