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Columbia, SC Wedding Photography

Columbia, SC Wedding Photographer

The Perry Wedding at the Farm at Ridgeway

I love Sunday weddings. They’re usually a little more intimate and relaxed. But Amanda and Robby had an exciting, action-packed party at the Farm at Ridgeway last month. Here's some of my highlights of the day.

We provided photo and video coverage which started with hair and makeup for the ladies. When the groomsmen arrived I was greeted with a shot of Tennessee Fire, which would have been rude to refuse, right? These guys were the liveliest group of groomsmen I've had the pleasure of working with! The grooms suite at the Farm is a super cool man cave with great natural light. Of course the bridal suite is just as amazing, with a clean and classy vibe.

The ceremony was beautiful, with perfect weather and lots of emotion. There's plenty of gorgeous locations to have the ceremony at the Farm at Ridgeway, but nothing beats the bride walking across that picturesque bridge to meet her groom! She was escorted by her father and son, and we got some amazing shots. We got a great reaction from Robby, also. You could definitely feel the chemistry between these two even during the ceremony.

The reception started with an exciting entrance and went into the first dances. The cake cutting got a little messy, and DJ Steven King had some fun games to keep us entertained. I always love the shoe game, where the couple answers questions about each other with their shoes. But by far the funniest moment I've ever experienced at a wedding was when they blindfolded the groom for the garter removal. Little did he know, they replaced his bride with a half-naked groomsman!!

After that the dancing really picked up, with some awesome dance remixes and smoke machines. This was probably the liveliest Sunday wedding I've covered, and everyone had a blast, including my whole team right in the middle of the dance floor. We capped the night off with a sparkler exit, and wished the couple well as they started their new journey. My team and I were proud to have been a part of it all, and I can't wait to show everyone the video, which will be just as amazing! Enjoy!

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