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Columbia, SC Wedding Photography

Columbia, SC Wedding Photographer

The Fritsch Wedding in Dallas, TX

I was so happy to find out that my cousin Kelli had gotten engaged to her fiancee Matt. And even more excited when they asked if I would shoot the wedding in Dallas, TX. Unfortunately I had to say no, as I had a wedding the day before hers already booked in Charleston. Aunt Donna called back and came up with the idea of flying a second shooter and the video team in Friday, and flying me in Saturday morning. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but it sounded fun and the team and I couldn’t resist. After having those two weddings booked, I then received an inquiry about a rare Thursday wedding the same week in Columbia, and figured I might as well make it a three day binge! I’m not sure if that was my first time shooting three weddings in three days, but it’s safe to say it was my last! I made it through like a champ and felt I did an excellent job with full energy at each wedding. But I paid the price and it took nearly two weeks to recover. Totally worth it!

To top it off I flew to Dallas for one night a week before the wedding to do her bridals. When I arrived that morning, my Aunt Donna picked me up and we met Kelli at the salon. Not knowing where we would shoot, I pulled up a google image of the Dallas skyline and said “I want this”. Donna and I drove around Dallas for two hours to find it, which involved me wading through rivers and possibly trespassing in construction zones lol. But luckily we found our own unique skyline shot! Here's some of my favorite bridals from that location and from the Adolphus Hotel in downtown Dallas.

Andrea, Drew, and O’Neal covered the rehearsal dinner Friday while I shot my wedding in Charleston. I joined Saturday after a very early flight and began work immediately. The Adolphus hotel is absolutely stunning. We covered hair/makeup there and took advantage of the gorgeous architecture and scenic views.

Texas does it big, and the church was bigger than any church I’ve ever seen. It was an absolutely stunning sanctuary and the ceremony was perfect. The natural light worked to our advantage and we got some amazing images.

We took a party bus back to the Adolphus for a classy, elegant reception. The room was spectacular - it looked straight out of a movie. The best part was getting to work while spending time with my own family! The band was Professor D and one of the best I’ve ever seen. They could perform any song, new to old, and make it sound as good as the original. I was blown away by their performance and presence.

I worried for months over that weekend. I was truly scared about all the things that could possibly go wrong or a flight get delayed. But I also knew that if we could pull this off, we could pull anything off. And now that we are fully recovered, I feel like we are ready to take on the world! Kelli and Matt, and my family, thank you for trusting my team and I to capture this most special day. Enjoy these wonderful moments. Love ya'll!

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