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Columbia, SC Wedding Photography

Columbia, SC Wedding Photographer

The Parrish Wedding at City Art in Columbia

This was Trevor and O'Neal's first wedding at City Art in Columbia, and it was stunning! And Brandy and Dean were an absolute delight to work with! We started the day with hair/makeup at the beautiful Hilton hotel in the Vista. After the girls got nice and pampered, we headed to the venue. I loved the downtown location, the beautiful scenery, and the unique atmosphere. It was truly unlike any other wedding we've photographed.

We did the formal portraits in the middle of the Vista. Brandy not only didn't mind the cars/people in the background, but thought it added to the story. I totally agreed, and am happy Brandy was so relaxed about everything! Cameron from Big Time Entertainment provided the music and uplighting. As always, he did an amazing job. He even put the South Carolina Men's Basketball Final Four appearance on the projector (at the bride's request of course).

Brandy and Dean wanted to focus their time on what was most important - the wedding! So we spent very little time on the family formals, and didn't do our normal bride/groom mini-photo session. I've always said that the photos should be about the wedding, the wedding shouldn't be about the photos. And it was totally worth it. The party raged for hours, everyone had a blast, and most importantly, the bride and groom got to enjoy every minute. You could really feel the chemistry between these two, and I know that they have a lifetime of happiness ahead. Thanks so much for allowing O'Neal and I to share your special day!

Here's just a few of our favorite images of the day, to tell the whole story! Enjoy and share!

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