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Columbia, SC Wedding Photography

Columbia, SC Wedding Photographer

The Faris Wedding at Zen in Greenville

Greenville, SC Wedding Photography

I haven't done a ton of weddings in Greenville, SC - but don't worry, we're fixing that :) Erin's mom contacted me by phone one day, and said she found me through a Google search. I found that surprising, since I'm not based there, nor market there. She said she was looking for something a little different and was exploring other cities when she found my site. I was honored to hear that we stood out to her. She passed my info along to Erin, and soon enough I was their wedding photographer (and videographer)!

I don't charge travel fees for weddings within 2.5 hours of Columbia, so I was also delighted to check out Great Falls Park for the bridal portraits. It reminded me a lot of Finlay Park in Columbia, being downtown with plenty of forestry, fountains, and streams. And maybe the grass is just a little greener on the other side, but I was quite envious of this amazing location - wishing I could shoot there more often! She looked absolutely stunning in her dress, and I knew Stephen was going to be blown away!

Stephen played baseball for Clemson, where Erin attended. They celebrated a Tiger win in Ft Lauderdale with a proposal! Stephen is a financial adviser, and Erin manages an athletic club. So basically, between these two, you could really get your life together!

For the wedding day, Zen was the perfect venue. I can't wait to shoot many more weddings there throughout the years! I loved the clean and modern design, and all of the space! The beautiful courtyard was just perfect for the ceremony, as was the lighting that afternoon! Using the upstairs as a bridal suite was great, and gave us plenty of room to get fun and creative shots! There were also plenty of great portrait locations inside and outside the venue. In all honesty, this place is a photographer's dream!

And to make matters even better, Amy Cope was there to help make sure the space was decorated perfectly. She helped keep the day running smooth and punctual, and everyone was doing what they should be doing - enjoying themselves! The video crew got a chance to take the drone up, so I can't wait to see the highlight film coming in a couple months! Until then, I wish the best to the newlyweds, and thanks so much for having myself and my team be a part of the most amazing day of your lives!

Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer

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