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Columbia, SC Wedding Photography

Columbia, SC Wedding Photographer

The Hutto Wedding at The Springdale House and Gardens

I had so much fun getting to know Nan and Tyler throughout their wedding journey! I had been eager to finally shoot at the Springdale House and Gardens, as well. The entire week before the wedding, they were calling for snow on the wedding day. I'm sure Nan wasn't super excited about that, but I was certainly ready for my first "snow" wedding! While it did snow briefly that morning, I'm sure Nan was relieved that it ended up being a beautiful day well before the ceremony!

We started with hair/makeup early in the day in the beautiful bridal suite. The Springdale House is large, and the rooms are beautiful. Tyler and the groomsmen got ready in the groom's suite just across the hall. That made it easy for us to get great coverage of both sides. The couple did a "first touch" where they exchanged letters and gifts prior to the ceremony, holding hands but not seeing each other. I love those special, intimate moments.

The ceremony was indoors, as even though it was beautiful outside - it was still cold! Thankfully the venue has a large indoor space that worked perfectly for the ceremony and the reception. After the ceremony, we braved the cold for some beautiful formal portraits outside. Luckily, it had warmed considerably by that point. The gardens made a perfect location for fun bridal party shots, as well.

The reception was awesome, and filled with family and friends. Vicki at Vintage Bakery made a gorgeous and delicious cake. Bryan from PartyTime DJ's kept the dance floor going, and hosted the fun activities. We were able to sneak the couple out of the reception very quickly for some portraits around the venue, and they looked fantastic. After some more partying, socializing, and eating some GREAT food made by the venue - the couple made a grand exit as the guests blew bubbles. My second shooter, Melissa and I had a blast sharing in all of the fun and wish Nan and Tyler the best as they start this next journey!

Thanks for reading! I'm Trevor Mercer, a wedding photographer from Columbia, SC. I've been photographing weddings for over 10 years, and as a second-generation wedding photographer, I literally grew up in the business. I'm now providing wedding photography and videography for weddings in my state and well beyond, and I'm a 2016 & 2017 winner in the Knot's Best of Weddings. I decided to start a blog and share everything I've learned about weddings through the years, and I hope it helps make your wedding planning a little easier. Please subscribe, share, and comment with your input or questions! See everything about me at

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