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Columbia, SC Wedding Photography

Columbia, SC Wedding Photographer

The Hurd Wedding at The Boathouse in Augusta, GA

Nicole and Barrett had their wedding at Hillview Baptist Church with the reception at The Boathouse in Augusta, GA. If you're looking for some good insurance coverage, Barrett is your man. I definitely got along well with the family, and loved their personalities. We did their engagements at the Old Sheldon Church Ruins in Beaufort, SC. That was only my second time there, and I LOVE that place! So much history is in our area.

I've personally only done a few weddings in Augusta, and can't wait to start shooting there more. With one of our lead photographers, Shelby Stewart living there, I expect we'll start shooting plenty more in the area! Nicole got ready at the Rosemary Inn in Augusta, and wow - what a photogenic place! The ceremony was beautiful and I loved their intimate church. And the Boathouse offered amazing views and portrait opportunities! They had the room decorated beautifully and the gorgeous sunset was shining through the windows. There was some great dance moves, and then an awesome sparkler sendoff!

Melissa second shot the wedding with me, and we had an absolute blast! I could really feel the connection between these two and can tell their destined for great things! Nicole looked stunning, and was one of the most laid back brides ever! And Barrett has so much drive and such a magnetic personality, that I know these two will have a life of happiness and success ahead of them! Thanks for letting me share in your special day.

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