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Columbia, SC Wedding Photography

Columbia, SC Wedding Photographer

The Voorhees Wedding at Rock Bottom Pond

The wedding of Jenna and Adam was very special to me! I met Jenna so long ago it's hard to remember where it all started. Jenna is super talented and her and Adam are so easy to get along with. Jenna is a make-up specialist, a hair stylist, probably a million things I'm leaving out - and most importantly an awesome photographer! It is such an honor when a photographer chooses you to capture their most special day - it always adds a tiny little bit of pressure, too lol! Jenna has even shot a few weddings with me, and saved me once when I was in a bind!

Our engagement session is to-date my favorite session ever. I wouldn't normally say things like that, and there's SO, SO many amazing sessions I've had. But we really made some magic that day, which is why for the last two years or so her image has been my cover photo and profile image for the business facebook page! (I have to change it soon - it's just so hard to bring myself to do it) Just take a look around the website for my famous "truck" photos starring Jenna and Adam :)

Rock Bottom Pond is an amazing venue for a wedding in the Columbia area. It's a little drive, but totally worth it. They have a fantastic bridal suite and a man cave. There's tons of great portrait opportunities, and the ceremony location is gorgeous. I've shot several weddings there through the years and I feel like they keep improving and making the venue even better. The best DJ in town, Dave Gilbert from Party Time DJ's was keeping the dancing and fun going. The night was absolutely perfect, and I'm glad I got to share it with my new friends Jenna and Adam!

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