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Columbia, SC Wedding Photography

Columbia, SC Wedding Photographer

The Grissom Wedding at Stone River

Todd and Jennifer’s Sunday wedding was one of the most beautiful mid January days that the midlands had seen so far. The morning started at Ulta Beauty in Sandhills, where Jennifer and her girls got hair and makeup done by the very talented cosmetologist team. Jennifer’s youngest was thrilled that she got to pick the colors of her hair clips!

We made our way to Stone River in West Columbia, where they arguably have one of the best views of the cityscape there is! The florists were hustling around with beautiful arrangements of subtle and classy bouquets and decorations that seemed to fit Jennifer perfectly!

The bridal suite was lovely and we got amazing pictures of Jennifer’s dress, as well as all the ladies getting ready for the big day.

As we took ‘first touch’ photos of Jennifer and Todd holding hands from around the corner, you could see how excited they both were! Their built up emotions showed clearly in their pictures and before we knew it, it was Jennifer’s time to walk down the aisle.

The natural light was reflecting beautifully throughout the entire venue, as well as against the Columbia skyline and off the Congaree River as we took formals and bride/groom portraits. I was a little nervous when I saw police officers watching us - the Riverwalk where we were taking portraits was under construction and we technically weren’t supposed to be down there… But the portraits were turning out so well! You could tell how much fun Jennifer and Todd were having together and how excited they were to be married! I just pretended like I didn’t see the nice officers. I went to apologize to them after we were done taking portraits, but they merely said that they were making sure that no one bothered us during our shoot! Score!!

Everything that day contributed to Jennifer and Todd’s amazing wedding and I am so glad they let me be a part of it! Congratulations Jennifer and Todd for starting this new chapter in your life!

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