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Columbia, SC Wedding Photography

Columbia, SC Wedding Photographer

The Burgess Wedding at The River Road and Jasmine Houses

Whitney and Zack are a fun, young couple from Columbia, SC who were married at the River Road and Jasmine Houses in Irmo, SC in October. Alice, the bride's mother, was very involved with the planning, and helpful every step of the way. She booked the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens for the bridal portraits. Whitney's wedding incorporated a fairy-tale theme, and Magnolia Plantation was perfect for a whimsical setting - especially at dusk. O'Neal Peterson assisted me on the bridal shoot, which was great, because he also 2nd shot the wedding - and had the chance to meet Whitney and Alice in advance.

We started the day at Whitney and Zack's house, where their honeymoon bags were already packed, while the girls got ready. They had a nice breakfast and started on hair and makeup. She put the dress on and finished getting ready at The River Road and Jasmine Houses. This venue is so easy to shoot in! I love the interior of both houses, which offer beautiful, giant mirrors and hardwood floors. The ceremony was right before sunset, which gave us soft, even lighting. There were tons of emotional moments (ie. tears), which always make for fantastic images. Combined with the charming decor and a photogenic couple, the images were amazing!

The catering is provided by the River Road and Jasmine House, who always do a fantastic job with a large selection of amazing food. Also, they make awesome, custom cakes like the fairy-tale inspired one Whitney and Zack had. One compliment I've heard about this venue repeatedly is how easy they make the planning - since they can provide almost any wedding service you need! Most of the reception activities took place outdoors in a great covered courtyard area, with the cake-cutting, speeches, and buffet taking place in the gorgeous interior. The bridal party put together some very moving speeches. Snackbar Jones provided the music, and they were stellar. I loved their wide variety of songs, classic and new, and ability to cover songs I haven't heard other bands cover. I mean have you ever heard a band do "From the Window to the Wall" by Lil Jon - and sound really good doing it?? I was impressed, and they kept the party going strong.

The newlyweds left in a Rolls Royce after an awesome sparkler exit in the parking lot! Everyone had a great time at the wedding, especially the bride and groom. Everything went smoothly, thanks to a great couple, great families, an awesome bridal party, and a wonderful venue! Thanks so much to Whitney and Zack for allowing O'Neal and I a chance to be a part of your big day! And the best part of a fairy-tale wedding? The happily-ever-after!

Thanks for reading! I'm Trevor Mercer, a wedding photographer from Columbia, SC. I've been photographing weddings for over 10 years, and as a second-generation wedding photographer, I literally grew up in the business. I'm now providing wedding photography and videography for weddings in my state and well beyond, and I'm a 2016 & 2017 winner in the Knot's Best of Weddings. I decided to start a blog and share everything I've learned about weddings through the years, and I hope it helps make your wedding planning a little easier. Please subscribe, share, and comment with your input or questions! See everything about me at

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