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Columbia, SC Wedding Photography

Columbia, SC Wedding Photographer

The Hudson Wedding

All photos and story by Andrea Fabian

Cris and Fearis are a quirky fun couple with tons of personality and an inspirational love for each other, and their family. This was apparent throughout their entire wedding day, which made it so awesome to be a part of and made for some fantastic photos.

Their wedding was put on, almost entirely, by friends and family; from the catering, to the venue, to the DJ and so on! The wedding was held at a beautiful private home in historic Elmwood in Columbia where the second story patio not only functioned as a privacy area for the bride and groom, it made for some awesome, romantic and unique portraits of the dress, shoes and rings, as well as, portraits of the bride and groom. We captured some beautifully sun-flared romantic portraits but we couldn’t leave out the pictures of the bride and groom dabbing at their arriving guests from the balcony!

The ceremony was held outside where the weather was absolutely beautiful despite it being mid November! There were so many loved ones that attended the wedding, people were standing on stairs and packed into corners to see their friends tie the knot! One of the moments that warmed my heart the most was to see Cris’s two sons walk her down the aisle. I absolutely adored how much love her two boys had for Fearis, their new stepdad. I noticed how well Fearis and the boys got along early in the day, but the speech that her son gave congratulating Fearis and his mother on their wedding, and welcoming Fearis to the family, was absolutely beautiful and had the entire crowd, including himself, in tears!

The chilly night proceeded with music by Don Merckle and the Blacksmiths, and DJ Irv, who had everyone dancing like crazy! We’re not going to mention when the ambulance (and eventually cops) came…. Don’t worry, nothing serious! That’s when you know you have one heck of a party though! The exit was with heart shaped sparklers, where we also got some very nice portraits of the newly weds! I had an amazing time at Chris and Fearis’s wedding and was inspired by the love within their friends and family! I thank them from the bottom of my heart for having me! Here are some of my favorite images from their wedding, enjoy!!

Thanks for reading! I'm Andrea, a wedding photographer based out of Columbia, SC. I enjoy sharing my recent weddings and useful tips for brides on my blog here at We love shooting weddings in Columbia, Charleston, Charlotte, Augusta, and all over the region. Please follow along to see more of my work and the beautiful couples that I work with! - Andrea Fabian

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